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Case of 5 TableTop for 10x10" Photos

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Case of 5: 10x10" Clear Bevel Tabletop Frames

Stunning, Diamond polished bevel edge acrylic tabletop frame. Float photos up to 10x10" between 12x12" panels. Stands vertically or horizontally. These frames give you the same modern look as our Wall Float Frames without having to install anything into a wall.


  • Two acrylic panels (3/16 and 1/8 inch thickness) with polished edges
  • Two 0.5" diameter metal fasteners and two 2.5" long metal stands. (Silver, Gold, or Graphite)
    • Swap them around for interchangeable portrait or landscape framing.
  • Beautiful retail-ready gift packaging.
  • Lifetime warranty

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Clean acrylic panels with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth, or dish soap and water when needed. Do not use glass cleaners or spirits, which can dull the surface.

Patented product: US D846,891 S


  • One high-quality polished 3/16" single acrylic panel
  • Easy-install wall mounts with screws and anchors (0.6"w x 1.5" L)
  • 4 pairs of Impressively Strong Magnets (8 total)
  • Fool-proof hanging template
  • Lifetime warranty


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