Wexel Art strives to be environmentally conscious in every facet of our business: the way we run our offices, develop products, work with our factories, and support organizations that make a difference. We partner with The Sustainable Furnishings Council and CleanHub to minimize our carbon and plastic footprint.


Wexel Art has partnered with CleanHub, an organization dedicated to preserving the planet by collecting plastic before it reaches the ocean. They will collect 4,670 pounds of ocean-bound plastic on our behalf in high-impact regions across South-East Asia while creating sustainable jobs and ensuring safe work conditions for employees at their collection hubs. The plastic collected gets sorted at the hub and into recyclables and non-recyclables, and the later get sent to co-processing, entering the loop again as an alternative fuel for cement plants that would otherwise be using coal.


Wexel Art repurposes leftover material into smaller size frames, ornaments, color rings, and remnants that artists can reuse for art. When we receive damaged returns, Wexel Art cuts them down to reuse the non-scratched components. We donate gently used frames to schools and non-profits. Our frames are made of 100% recyclable PMMA, which can be reprocessed at dedicated plastic recycling facilities. It's melted and extruded into new items, creating closed-loop supply chains and building a circular economy.


In the picture framing industry, there is an incredible amount of waste: frames only fit one size art image, mat boards and moulding have extensive remnants. In an industry where scrap materials are wasted, Wexel Art prides itself on reusing and repurposing scrap materials. 0% framing waste (no matboard trimmings, no glass scraps, no backing trimmings, no wooden/metal frame trimmings).


Acrylic frames have a longer life than traditional frames and are infinitely reusable. Our canvases have stretcher bars made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Wood. All hardware included with frames are made from recyclable aluminum, and all packaging materials are recyclable.
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