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Easy to Change

Most of us don't keep the same hairstyle for years - not even months. Why should it be any different with your decorating? The beauty of the Wexel Art Frames concept lies in the floating acrylic panel that works as pairs of magnets hold your art in place, allowing you to seamlessly change out any of your displays in seconds. Use different art for the changing seasons, match with the rest of your home decor or even establish themes for each of your children as they grow. With Wexel Art, the choices are virtually endless.

Combining Children's Art with Grown-Up Style

Need a fun, interesting way to put your child's masterpiece on display? Do you long for new art but worry about being stuck with one style for too long? Try Wexel Art Frames, a contemporary way to showcase your art, photos and memorablilia without the hassle of custom framing. With sleek, modern design, Wexel Art Framing adds an elegant touch to everything from fingerpaintings to family photos. 

Simple, Clean Design

Wexel Art was founded on the principle that showcasing life's little pleasures should simple and rewarding. That's why our products are as beautiful as the art you to display. With their clean, contemporary design, our art displays are designed to be fit into any decor. Whether you change your display daily, seasonally or yearly, Wexel frames always tie everything together with sophistication and style. 

Quick to Install

At Wexel, we know you want to spend less time installing art frames and more time admiring them. So, we designed our products to be simple to put in place, leaving you free to show them off to your family, friends and guests.  Our instructional video will walk you the installation process step-by-step, and our list of tips makes it even easier. Still have questions? Contact the professionals at Wexel Art and get all the assistance you need.

Great Gift for Any Occasion

Wexel Art is a super-unique gift for your favorite shutterbugs. From pros who need a better way to display their photography projects to dads that will take a thousand pictures of their kids this season, changeable acrylic frames let them show off their latest shots.  Wexel's Custom Design Page lets you create your own size with color wall mounts and engraving for the perfectly personalized gift.