February 08, 2017

January 27, 2017

The Future is Custom

Our two boss babes, Morgan and Natasha, just returned to Austin from the West Coast Art and Frame show & The Gift & Home Show in Las Vegas and they want to let you in on a little secret...

..this year's trends all revolve around customization. That means custom hardware, custom chairs, custom lighting, and most importantly, custom framing! In fact Amazon is even getting in on this hot trend.

 Wexel's custom division can make any size frame for you whether it's framing a postage stamp or framing a legendary Hermes scarf. Do you want a frame in the shape of Texas? We can make it. How about a frame with a colored back panel? That's right, we can do that too. Give us two weeks and you can have the best looking frames out of all of your friends and family.

 In addition to our custom capabilities, we have experts on staff that can offer suggestions for the perfect art size and frame for your space. The custom division will make sure you get exactly what you need even if it's a UV protected or a custom floating acrylic mat for our consumers looking to frame a music record. 

For our consumers working on large commercial projects, Wexel Art can provide locking hardware in any size and color. 


Ready to get a quote? I bet you are.

Contact Wexel Art's custom division via email at info@wexelart.com or by phone: 877-609-1920 ext 2.



October 07, 2016

Why Wexel is Changing the Game in Framing

As Wexel Art rounds out our 6th year of business, we find it to be a fitting time to share what differentiates us and makes us a leader in acrylic framing.

1. Pride

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile with each and every order.  From gallery wall consultations to customizing our standard elements, we only choose the best.  Our acrylic, magnets, and wall mounts are of excellent quality, and we can customize each piece to bring you the best solution for your needs, such as UV grade acrylic and specialty hardware.  Features like our highly polished edges give every frame that lavish look.

 2. Commitment

At Wexel, we stand behind our product 110%! Our products carry a One Year Warranty, and if you find a defect, we will make it right. 

 3. Thoughtful Accessories

Our magnets are one-of-a-kind. The patented “pearl snap” coating is not just there for looks. These Impressively Strong Magnets are easier to separate, easier to use, and protect both the acrylic and your art. The reflective surface even provides some camouflage. 

Our wall mounts are longer so you can swap and arrange art behind single panel frames with little effort. They have a durable, polished finish, and come in 4 on-trend color options. We can also provide locking hardware, and many other sizes on request. 


5. Eco-Friendly 

We like to do what we can to keep our earth happy by recycling wherever possible!  We re-purpose our scrap material by making personalized rulers, ornaments for the holidays, mini frames and our own pop-up stands. All of our material is BPA Free and phthalate free!

6.Options Options Options

With Wexel Frames, the options are endless. From choosing the color of your acrylic to picking the shape of your frame, we do it all with our in house custom designers. Our acrylic colors range from neons to neutrals and we have cut different frames in the shape of  states like Oregon, Tennessee and of course, Texas for our lone star fans. Engraved messages, patterns and monograms can turn any frame into a personalized pieces of art. 

7. Support Small Businesses 

Think about the amount of local businesses that surround you. Think about the labor, the time, and the commitment that these individuals put into their businesses. Wexel was built from nothing more than an idea to display artwork; a simple idea turned into a thriving small business located in the heart of Austin, Texas. Not only have we designed this product ourselves but we can assure you our time and effort put towards our frames will speak for itself from the moment you choose to shop with us.  Shopping with us means shopping local and supporting a dynamic team of passionate individuals that want to make sure your photo displays look amazing.

June 10, 2016

Getting Ready for our Summer Soiree!

Plans for our Summer Artist's Reception are well under way. We are excited to be featuring the colorful & imaginative works of two artists this summer  - Carolyn Joe and Dara Burriss. Their work compliments one another, as both artists have a knack for creating whirls of uplifting emotions with their colorful canvases. A spectacular spectrum!

We are looking forward to opening our showroom once again for a summer party! Cocktail menus and DJ's playlist are under construction, and Speedy Stella (our laser cutting machine) is humming away making frames and special items just for this one night only event. We hope to see you there!

July 17, 2015

The 5 Stages of Kickstarter Emotions

We’re in the final lap our first Kickstarter campaign and we still don’t know how it will all turn out. Frankly, this whole endeavor has been super exciting and hyper stressful at the same time. If we make our goal, we’re be able to take our business to the next level right away. If we don’t, well, we’re back where we started—and honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. We know that we will get there eventually.

That said, we’ve invested a lot of time and emotion into the campaign and we’d really, really like to see it succeed so we can bring our new panoramic photo frame and the wildly colorful wall frames to market. It's not too late to show your support and get these fun frames that floats like magic on your wall.

Visit our Kickstarter page.

In the meantime, we thought it might ease our nerves a little bit to share what the experience has been like so far. Follow along, as we take you through the 5 Stages of Kickstarter...

Stage 1: Anxiety

Does our video look okay? What should we write? Will anyone donate? Our collective stress level probably reached its peak before we even hit the launch button. But once we did, a new emotion kicked in: no turning back.

Stage 2: Exhilaration

There's nothing more exciting than watching those first few donations roll in. For a moment, as you see the dollar amount tick up, all the stress melts away. At this rate, of course we're going to reach our goal. Then the initial rush fades and things slow down a bit.

Stage 3: Impatience

Are we there yet? Sure there's still plenty of time but how nice would it be if we hit our goal today. Why drag it out until the end of the month. Clearly people are interested, so let's make one final push up the mountain. I can see the finish line!

Stage 4: Doubt

But what if we don't make it? What if we don't earn one more dime? What else is there left for us to do? We've tried everything! We're trying to stay optimistic, but to get this close and not to make it, that would be tough to swallow. We can do it, right?

Stage 5: Gratitude

We've made our peace, now it's out of our hands. Whether we make it or not, we're overwhelmed with gratitude for all the people who have contributed to our campaign. Regardless of the final outcome, we can honestly say this has been a huge success for us on a personal level.


We've reached 80% of our goal. We have over 80 backers already that believe so strongly in our business. We are extremely optimistic that we will have that laser cutter in house before the hectic holiday season.

Let's get this done.

Thank you all!
June 19, 2015

Kicking It Up With Crowdfunding

Last year we launched our Custom Design Division - where we let you design your own frames! We have such strong demand that we can't turn our orders fast enough! So we are kicking it up a notch and raising funds via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to buy our own laser cutter, so we can keep up with your requests! Currently we rent time on a co-op machine, and we're really maxed out over there. We want to ship your orders in 4 days not 4 weeks!

Having our own machine in-house will allow us to make frames 24/7, completing orders faster and offering more custom options including more colors. (yay color!!!)

The Kickstarter campaign will launch soon and run through July. It will feature exclusive product that can’t be purchased anywhere else. There will be early bird pricing for those that support the campaign in the first few days.  Be sure and sign up to receive updates so you can learn as soon as the page goes live.


While the core Wexel Art product line is available at 400 retailers nationwide, we are excited to unveil the gorgeous color backed frames that are premiering on Kickstarter. 

December 08, 2014

Crafting Your Own Wall Gallery - Part 3 - ‘On a scale of A to Wexel’

We’ve come up with a shorthand to help you figure out what kinds of framing materials to use for your wall gallery. Ask yourself: On a scale of A to Wexel, how flexible should my display be? We’ll explain...


The ‘A’ is for Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams was a photographer known for his timeless black & white shots of the great American landscape. On the A to Wexel scale, Ansel Adams represents permanence, something with major staying power.


(Source: Picture Peddler)

If you’re planning to incorporate fine art pieces into your wall gallery, we recommend using a sealed frame with appropriate weight to it. This piece isn't going anywhere, your frame should say.


‘Wexel’ is Whatever You Want it to Be

Whatever you want, for however long your want it to be there. Wexel represents total flexibility. Our frames are not picky about what goes inside—we’re all about elevating anything you find special at any given moment.



This month, your gallery is hosting its annual finger-painted reindeer showcase ... Next month, a collage of sunny vacation photos ... Coming soon, a retrospective on the 20th century as told by old Time magazine covers. Your gallery is always evolving, just like you.


Plenty of Room in Between

Who says your decorative fine art housings can’t coexist alongside re-purposed thrift store finds and flexible floating frames. One of the reasons we put up art in our homes is to reflect parts of our own personality. Choose an assortment of frames to compliment the art and the curator of the art—that's you.

November 24, 2014

Crafting Your Own Wall Gallery - Part 2 - Pick A Theme, Any Theme

Question: What should I put on display in my wall gallery?

Not-so-great answer: Anything you want, it’s totally up to you.

Better answer: Although it is totally up to you, we do have a few ideas that might help get the creativity flowing...


Everyone loves looking at pictures of people—it’s a proven fact! Especially, pictures of people they know. And babies. With friends and family stopping by for the holidays, why not cater to your audience.

(Source: Healthy Home Paints)

Warning: Family members who are not included in the display wall—for whatever reason—will notice, so don't be surprised if they say something. I know my family members always count to see who makes the most appearances and then boast about it.

Extra Warning: Family members are also likely to take note of the order and size and position of their picture relative to others.




Tie an eclectic group of images or art pieces together using subtle color cues. The result: a wall display that's easy of the eyes as a complete unit, while also inviting a closer look.

(Source: Dishfunctional Designs)

And yes, for these purposes, we're counting black & white as a color. Or fine, call it a motif if you must.


Tell a Story

Think of it as a slideshow people get to take in all at once. Don't include every picture from your latest beach trip, just hit the major plot points. Then fill in the rest when someone asks.


The Kitchen Sink

You know that thing we just said about only hitting the major points? Forget it. Why should you decide between Halloween 96’ and Picasso and the famous hand turkey your little one brought home last week. Put it all up. Deck the walls. Heck, mix and match framing materials as well.

And if anyone has the nerve to ask you what the common theme is, you tell 'em, things that make me smile.

(Source: Curbly)

Happy bonus: Changeable frames (like ours) are the wall display equivalent of the gift that keeps on giving. Swap out the sink and throw in an oven when the mood strikes.

Up next,  Morgan will discuss what we mean when we say: ‘On a scale of A to Wexel’...

November 05, 2014

Crafting Your Own Wall Gallery - Part 1 - Deck The Walls

Join along in our four-part series discussing what to do with all that extra wall space you have just standing around. In it, we’ll go over everything from conjuring the inspiration to practical advice for installing a wall gallery in your home. But first, let’s answer the ever-looming question of why now...

Although there’s never really a bad time of year for an art project, you might feel a little more motivated when you know your hard work will immediately be noticed. With the holidays right around the corner, 'tis the season for opening up your home and putting your creativity on full display. Give yourself a new reason to get excited about hosting the same old annual open house.

“Wow, who designed this?” you can imagine friends and family saying. “Oh that, that’s just something I threw together one afternoon,” you can reply, grinning, sparing them the details about how it all came to be. But that’s why we’re here. We know these type of things don’t design and hang themselves. So let’s talk about everything that goes into a project like this...

The Brainstorming Phase

(Source: Minted.com/Moss Cottage)

This has to be one of the most thrilling parts—to us anyway—because brainstorming is the part of the process where anything's possible. Unleash your repressed inner decorator or free your artistic spirit animal or draw upon whatever fantastic combination of the two works best for you.

Try not to limit yourself by only looking at wall spaces commonly reserved for hanging art. Sure, over the mantle is fair game but so is everywhere else. That includes the powder room, the kitchen, even along the floor boards. Go nuts.

(Source: Poppytalk)

One thing we recommend is going outside your home and pretending you’re walking in for the first time. Admittedly, this can be difficult, but come on, give it an honest-to-goodness shot. In each new room you enter, ask yourself, does it feel like something’s missing?

Another fun idea you can try is imagining you’re on Project Runway for interior design (which apparently does exist and is called ‘Top Design’). Okay, so you’re a contestant on Top Design and the host says, “Today’s challenge is Wall Space. Make the most of this home’s boring walls. You have one hour.”

The Planning Stage

So if I was a contestant on Top Design, what would I do … I’d start by thinking up creative ways to incorporate and accentuate existing features of the house. Look, I’d tell myself, this staircase isn’t going anywhere and the hallway isn’t getting any shorter, so what can I do to liven up the spaces we take for granted.

How does traffic flow? In what areas to people tend to congregate? Existing decor aside, where are my eyes naturally drawn? A lot of these things happen on a subconscious level each time we enter a space, but by bringing them to the surface you just might have the eureka moment you’ve been waiting for. This, now this is the perfect spot.

(Source: Rue Mag)

Great, now that you know where you want your wall gallery to go, we need to figure out what exactly to hang...
September 15, 2014

150 floating frames for whaaaa?

“Sports photography, action shots mostly, he wants to put up a bunch in his game room, have them go all around the walls. I was thinking I would go ahead and get the frames in place and then arrange the pictures in story form, chronologically or maybe by team. I’m not totally sure yet, but he can always move them around if he wants, right?”

“Yes! Exactly.”

That’s snippet from a recent conversation I had with the interior designer whose lucky job it is to design homes of professional athletes. As you can tell I get pretty excited when people surprise us with clever new uses for our frames. “Hey, why didn’t you think of that?” I like to tell our product designer Morgan, teasing her.

“But that’s the whole point,” Morgan fires back. “A good product is one that people embrace and feel like they’ve made on their own.” And she’s right, I suppose, considering the original idea behind our floating frames was having a special way to show off kids art. I knew I couldn’t be the only parent getting handed a new “masterpiece” every other day, and so I thought, wouldn’t it be neat if we had some place besides the refrigerator to put them up, and if we could easily swap in new ones, then, well … wall displays and magnets, we thought, and we were off.

It didn’t take long before we realized how open the possibilities were. Architects were requesting frames for client renderings and blueprints. Doctors were putting up brochures from key pharmaceutical reps or medical journals they’d appeared in. Businesses were hanging them around the office with their latest PR buzz, or displaying phone lists or employee photos. “It’s perfect because we’ve found that the shelf life on is about two weeks. After that we just pop in an updated version because we are all moving so fast,” an office manager told us a while back, perhaps joking.

What I’m getting at is that the best part of running this business is knowing that we’ve come up with something bigger than our own vision. We put so much care and thought into building quality acrylic displays only to have them disappear behind whatever you put inside. And knowing that we’ve successfully pulled that off is quite comforting, indeed. So thank you for surprising us!