How Wexel Works

Wexel frames are easy to install!

It's simple, you just follow these steps: 

  1. Hold the provided template on the wall & mark 2 spots for hardware.
  2. Install supplied drywall anchors on the marks (optional).
  3. Screw barrels into the anchors or directly onto your marks.
  4. Hang frame over hardware by screwing on the end caps.
  5. Use pairs of impressively strong magnets to hang anything you like!

Helpful Tips

  • Frames can hang from top 2 hardware alone, no need to put 4 holes in the wall.
  • No drill? No problem. Self-drilling anchors are available at any hardware store. Or just screw directly into the wall without using anchors.
  • Wexel frames were designed as a solution for hanging kids' art, but they are not meant for children under 3.
  • We don't recommend installing them at kid-climbing height.