Workplace Poster Frames Easy to Change and Float Your Art

Our acrylic frames are perfect for displaying any sort of office certification, posters, or rules. The single panel frame uses magnets to hold posters, such as a workplace compliance poster, in place. Many offices have the need to change out OSHA, Federal Labor Law posters, HIPPA posters, and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) posters every year. Wexel Art designed the perfect float frame so you can change out OSHA workplace posters in seconds. Pairs of magnets hold the compliance posters in place, giving it that professionally framed look in seconds. 

Make sure your HR posters are displayed in an eye-catching way.  Our double paneled clear frames are great for displaying labor law posters that you don't need to change out as frequently. Equal Employment Opportunity posters fit perfectly in these frames, but are still very easy to change out. These floating wall frames are great for aesthetics and ease in making sure the workplace stays compliant. If we don't have any in stock for a size that works for framing your compliance poster, try our custom build your own tool where you can order any size floating acrylic frame.