Melanie Allison
Melanie Allison

Melanie Allison

Melanie Allison has been proud to call herself an artist all her life. Through high school AP art to graduating with a Fine Arts degree in college. It was during the pandemic though that she stepped into her official role as a mixed-media artist. It started with strips of high fashion magazine pages, featuring a particular color scheme, all layered in the same direction. Then Melanie used various kinds of metallic paint and dripped it downward starting at the top of the piece. Through experimentation, Melanie decided to dry the paint with an embossing heat tool. This created bubbles in the paint and "baked it." From there, she started to add my drawings or paintings of animals, as well as dark or spiritual imagery, to the collages.

Melanie's artwork represents the intersection of her modeling background with her love for animals and other favorites. Music, fashion, and pop culture are influences that are frequently referenced. Melanie makes art to create self-awareness, invoke spirituality, and to awaken your subconscious. The titles of her artwork come directly from the imagery or indirectly from the artwork's hidden meaning or theme.

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