Kent Youngstrom

i’m kenT and i’m an artist. sometimes even the tortured kind. i’m on a mission to make the walls of your home, office, or secret lair as colorful and as beautiful as you are.

i am movement, a flurry of pattern and frenzy, flirting with paintbrushes and putty knives, markers, and mistakes. i am attracted to the pitch and yaw of opposites, their nuances, and perplexing subtleties.

i paint simplicity with shades of complexity—pockets of light that marry contours of shadow, and they coexist and adapt together as complements of each other.

i am electric, a live wire. lowercase but with capital impact.
and while the air is still static with electricity, i sit in stillness and study what will be yours. will it make you feel?

i paint so you will feel connection. desire. intimacy. depth.