Julie Ahmad
Julie Ahmad

Julie Ahmad

Julie Ahmad attributes her life as an artist to her daughter. When she was pregnant, Julie often felt this strong burning desire to be creative and work with her hands. There was some kind of organic correlation between her body being in the state of creation and her heart urging my hands to do the same.

Julie is most drawn to the forgiving qualities of acrylic paint and the loose nature of abstract art. Her work is an exploration of intuitive painting; not having the final outcome in mind from the start. The canvas leads and tells its own story. "I, the artist, am merely a vehicle for the application".

"There is nothing more satisfying than to observe those who view my work and experience an emotional reaction. Each person has their own take on the art and more often than not, they have given me a perspective that I hadn’t noticed before.

Each time I pick up the brush, it’s an exercise in letting go of control, judgment, and perfection - a practice that also serves me greatly as a mother.“



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