James Peter Henry

James Peter Henry is an Australian painter, working in the United States, whose work is heavily influenced by Cubism, African Art, and Australian Aboriginal Art. His massive murals and impressively scaled canvases showcase a boldly fluid style, heavy with patterns and symbols that morph into human forms. Raised on a farm in Victoria Australia, James and his siblings explored the caves near his family’s property, discovering Aboriginal cave paintings that were thousands of years old; these paintings became a source of inspiration for James, a blueprint of sorts for what art could be. James learned to paint from his mother, a cubist painter, whose work was multidimensional, engaging and inspiring to the young painter. As a student James was encouraged by high school art teachers to pursue the art of all mediums, even when he presented them with a six-foot-tall collage that could barely be carried into the building. At the age of eighteen, James took his first job at an Aboriginal art gallery in Alice Springs Australia, where he was able to further study African art, Egyptian art, and other primitive styles. James has since traveled the world, creating art for both public installations and for private collections. Most recently James’ work has been featured at the La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood where he has turned the space into his new studio and gallery. James is all about provoking the truth about why we are here. Asking questions in each and every piece about life. His strong relationship with God is very evident in his works. He believes that the message always needs to be shared, and through his talent, he’s able to do that in a way where it penetrates the soul.