The Best Art Projects While Your At Home

Since we're all at home for the time being, we scoured our Wexel Art Celebrating Kids Art Pinterest Page for some fun, easy to manage projects- great for all ages. The best part is they use common household items so no need to order any supplies. While you're quarantined, entertain yourself and the kiddos!

1. Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting

We love this one, because not only can you experiment with mixing colors, but once the kids finish letting their masterpiece dry, mom and dad can go back in and add text on top of the bubble art. Viola! You have a handmade card you can send to your loved ones.

2. String Art Typography

String Art Typography

If you need something a little more advanced try string art typography. Pick the color (or colors) that make you happy to let your favorite word really pop! Make sure you get a wooden board that will fit one of our standard sized shadowboxes so you're able to display your masterpiece without worrying about anyone templed to touch the nails!

3. Safari Sunset Shadow Art

Safari Sunset Shadow Art

Social Distancing ≠ staying inside all day! Let the sun be your guide as you trace any animal toys you have laying around the house. Of course, if you aren’t able to go outside, or the sun won’t work with your schedule, you can always use a lamp to get the shadows you need!

4. Smushed Paint

Smushed Paint 1

Okay, read this as finger painting without the mess! Pick your favorite color palette and get to work. Super easy for the really little ones, let it dry overnight and it's ready to display the next day!

Smushed Paint 2

5. Paper Plate Llamas

Paper Plate Llamas

Got paper plates lying around? Transform something plain into adorable paper llama! Step by step instructions linked above, but have some fun painting these little guys all sorts of crazy colors and using Washi tape to make each llama unique!

Do one or all of these art projects and share them with us and our favorite hash tag, #whatsinyourwexel. Rotate them in a Single Panel Magnet frame! Swap out your work of art as quickly as you finish your next one or let each piece sit on display for a few days. Stay home, healthy and safe during this crazy time!

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