How To Frame A Jersey In A Shadowbox

Thinking about buying a Jersey Frame Shadowbox, but don't know how to actually hang your jersey in it? We'd love to help you out! Follow our easy guide on how to frame your favorite jersey in 7 simple steps!


Step One:
Open up your package that has been delivered and check to see if your frame arrived damage-free (in the case that it's damaged, give us a call, email us or message us on Make sure you find a space large enough to place the shadowbox lid and canvas on.

Step Two:
Grab your favorite jersey you plan on framing and iron it. You want to make sure that it looks perfect before putting it on display!

Step Three:
Now that your jersey is ironed out, it's time to measure! Measuring out your jersey will help you figure out where to center it.


Step Four:
Find your magnets packs and start adding them to the canvas and jersey. Place the front magnet on the inside of your jersey (to keep them out of sight) and the back magnet behind the canvas for proper support. Our Impressively Strong Magnets will pair up to hold your jersey upright! 

Step Five:
Now that the jersey is attached to the canvas, it's time to grab your shadowbox lid. Before placing the shadowbox lid over the canvas and jersey, make sure it is completely clean. If there's any dust, clean the shadowbox lid with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth, or dish soap and water. Do not use glass cleaners or spirits, which can dull the surface. Once it's cleaned, place the shadowbox lid over the canvas.


Step Six:
Install the provided screws into the pre-drilled holes. Be careful to not move the magnets, you don't want to mess with your measuring!

Pro-tip: If you stand the shadowbox up on its sides before attaching the shadowbox, it is easier to install the screws and you can see how the jersey will hang.


Step Seven:
You're all done! Admire your handy work and your favorite jersey. Now it's time to decide where you want to hang it!

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