Hanging Your Dream Gallery Wall

So you placed your order a few days ago and you finally get to unbox and hang your dream gallery wall!
First thing's first, let's check out what's in those fabulous boxes! You can reference the diagram on the back to make sure you have everything you need to hang your frames.
We pride ourselves on making it as easy as possible to hang our frames. Get out your level and make sure those templates (or template if you opted in for a gallery wall template!) are hung evenly.
Installation Video
Simply put a screwdriver into the wall mount barrel and screw two of these into the wall. To make it even easier, the frame can hang from just the top two points! The bottom wall mounts are decorative, unless needed for extra holding power, like for a 24x36" frame or larger.
Change your display as often as you change your mind, as we always say! No matter which style you choose, you'll only ever need to install the hardware into the wall once.
The beauty in our design is how easy it is to change your display so it's always fresh and on trend.
Give yourself a round of applause! Decorating your walls might seem like an intimidating task, but with the right tools and a little help from your friends at Wexel Art, it's a breeze.
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