2023 New York City BDNY Trends

New York City is the home for styles, fashion, and elegance! Are you wondering what’s IN for New York City? Then follow along to learn the trends we can’t wait to see at our first time showing at BDNY! Be sure to visit our booth (#475) on November 12-13!


New Yorkers are embracing the urban jungle trend, filling their homes with lush indoor plants and botanical-inspired decor. From hanging planters to garden walls, this trend brings a touch of nature to city living. Visit Garden on the Wall to see first-hand the vibrancy of having plants in your home. In addition, Kendra from loftandleaf brings the outdoors in with our single frames!



New York City is experiencing a rug renaissance, where residents are rediscovering the art of interior decor through these textile masterpieces. Leading the way are three prominent rug companies: Woop Rugs, Zenith Rugs, and Encore Hospitality. Stop by their booths!



Wallpaper is no longer just an element of decoration; it has become an artistic focal point that brings life and personality to any room. Step into spaces adorned with these wallpapers, and you'll instantly grasp why NYC has welcomed this design resurgence. You can’t miss the vibrancy of these companies: Astek, MDC, and  Interior Solutions.



New York City is embracing the enduring elegance of leather, as residents rediscover the timeless appeal of this versatile material in furniture, accessories and clothing. American Leather is the perfect company to demonstrate this style! Other notable leather companies include: Moore & Giles Inc, and Jerry Pair Leather. All three will be at BDNY!



As the chilly NYC winters approach, scarves have become a must-have accessory. Vibrant colors, and patterned styles are all the rage, adding both warmth and style to New Yorkers' wardrobes. We love framing luxury scarves, especially Empowered Cowgirl’s designs! In2Green, and Bedford Collections also have exactly what any scarf fanatic would love, and they’ll be presenting at BDNY!

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