Crafting Your Own Wall Gallery - Part 3 - ‘On a scale of A to Wexel’

We’ve come up with a shorthand to help you figure out what kinds of framing materials to use for your wall gallery. Ask yourself: On a scale of A to Wexel, how flexible should my display be? We’ll explain...

The ‘A’ is for Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams was a photographer known for his timeless black & white shots of the great American landscape. On the A to Wexel scale, Ansel Adams represents permanence, something with major staying power.

Ansel Adams Frame
(Source: Picture Peddler)

If you’re planning to incorporate fine art pieces into your wall gallery, we recommend using a sealed frame with appropriate weight to it. This piece isn't going anywhere, your frame should say.

‘Wexel’ is Whatever You Want it to Be

Whatever you want, for however long your want it to be there. Wexel represents total flexibility. Our frames are not picky about what goes inside—we’re all about elevating anything you find special at any given moment.

This month, your gallery is hosting its annual finger-painted reindeer showcase ... Next month, a collage of sunny vacation photos ... Coming soon, a retrospective on the 20th century as told by old Time magazine covers. Your gallery is always evolving, just like you.

Plenty of Room in Between

Who says your decorative fine art housings can’t coexist alongside re-purposed thrift store finds and flexible floating frames. One of the reasons we put up art in our homes is to reflect parts of our own personality. Choose an assortment of frames to compliment the art and the curator of the art—that's you.

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