Gallery: "Hall Wall" Set of 8 Single Panel + Magnet Frames [3004]

Ideal for hallways in office buildings or corridors in homes, this set of 8 Wexel Art displays lets you to create your very own gallery wall in many ways. Arrangement is 115" wide x 31" tall as pictured. Rotate the 19x23" frame vertically to make it 107" wide.

Make a work of Modern Art! For families wanting to show case kids art and photos as well as offices wanting to showcase their signs, media exposure, PR hits and awards. Anything that needs updating is ideal for Wexel Art.

Each frame consists of a single, high-quality panel of acrylic that exhibits your piece, and our Impressively Strong Magnets hold it in place. These magnets are powerful enough to hold up to 10 pages per!


  • 6 14" x 19"  Acrylic Wall Frames for art up to 11x17"
  • 2 19" x 23" Acrylic Wall Frames for art up to 16x20"
  • 64 Impressively Strong Magnets
  • 32 silver wall mounts, screws and anchors
  • Each frame comes with it's own template for easy arranging
  • Frames come individually boxed
  • NEW! Add a full-wall template to your order to make hanging even faster. 115" wide with 3" spacing & frames all set to horizontal.

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