Installation Tutorial


It's Simple!

Frames come with "easy hang templates" so you can arrange your gallery how you like it with no pressure.

They also come with anchors, which we recommend on the top two posts for extra stability. But these frames are light, and this is optional.

1. Mark the holes indicated on the template

2. Drill for anchors and tap in with the back of your screwdriver

3. Or just skip straight to screwing the wall mounts into the wall by dropping your screwdriver into the barrel. The top two need to be installed,  but the bottom two can "float" on sizes under 19x23"

4. Peel the protective paper off the acrylic and position over the barrels. Secure the caps to screw this in place. Tip! If you are having trouble lining these up exactly, you might need to unscrew your barrels by 1/4 turn.

5.Posiiton magnets with the dome-cap facing out on both sides. This helps the back magnet "glide" across the acrylic while you pull the front magnet around.

6. Place your art by sliding it behind the acrylic, and slide the magnets into place!