Framed Fine Art Print Queen Elizabeth by Peter Mars- Grey

"This is one of those images I have been doing the longest. I find her to be endlessly intriguing. She is a GLOBAL ICON. A star of popular culture that can not be matched.

As a young foreign exchange student I lived in London a short time and went totally nuts for their culture. The result was a tattered image of the Queen I'd ripped out of some magazine when I was 17. and have held onto for 40 years. To this day I find her adorable and have painted her many many times.

Apparently everybody needs royalty. In America we didn't have any royalty so we had to invent it. Elvis was the King, Priscilla his Queen, The Kennedys are often considered American Royalty, as are the many celebrities we worship. But England tops them all. Outrageous palaces and castles jewels big and flashy enough to blind a guy. Carriages, fox hunts... it just doesn't quit.

She is wearing the Crown Jewels in this particular image, and I'm pretty sure that's why this is my favorite picture of her of all time."

Highest quality reproduction, printed in 12-color process with archival inks on archival 100% cotton hot press paper. Open edition.