FAQ for Kickstarter

Will it hold...?

We've seen everything from jerseys to jigsaw puzzles in these frames! The Single Panel frame uses magnets that will hold through fabric, thin mat board, canvas paper, etc. The double panel frames will hold anything up to 1/8" thick, since the pressure of the panels helps keep it all tight. We recommend a bit of archival photo-safe adhesive on the back of your art/photos/EPs etc for the double-panel frames. You can find these at any craft or office supply store ("Glue Dots", "Zots", & 3M have a lot to choose from)

What’s the difference between single panel and double panel frames?

Single panel frames use magnets to hold the art in place and include only one panel. This is the easiest way to change artwork and is recommended for anything you want to update and change often. They are ideal for family photos, kids’ artwork, menus, signage, corporate headshots and more.

Double panel frames offer more protection for the artwork as the artwork is sandwiched in between two panels. A second piece of acrylic, as opposed to magnets, is used to keep the artwork secure in the double panel frames.

How does Wexel install into the wall?

You’ll need a pencil, Phillips head screwdriver, and a drill if you install anchors. A level or measuring tape will also be useful in helping hang the frames straight. Using the pencil, mark the wall at the holes indicated on the back panel. Once the marks are made, simply put the screwdriver into the barrel and screw the frame into the wall on the two pencil marks. Check out this video for a quick tutorial.

How do I change out my artwork with single panel frames?

To change out single panel frames, simply slide the magnets off of your artwork (keeping them on the acrylic panel is easiest) and remove the artwork. This can be done in seconds.  Check out this video for more information.

How do I change out my artwork with double panel frames?

To change out double panel frames, unscrew the frame from the wall and separate the two panels. Replace existing artwork with new artwork and screw the panels back in to the wall. This process should only take a couple of minutes. Either panel can be on top. However we recommend putting the thinner panel in the back.

How do I clean and maintain my frames?

Clean acrylic panels with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth, or dish soap and water when needed. Do not use glass cleaners or spirits, which can dull surface. Be careful not to scuff the plastic with rough surfaces! Acrylic polish will maintain a clear shine and can erase small scratches. Contact us if you need help finding polish.

What does your warranty cover?

Wexel Art offers a one-year limited warranty on product components. It covers hardware, and acrylic panels against defect and breakage during normal recommended use. It does not cover scratches or surface abrasion on the acrylic. If you suspect a defect in any component, please contact us as soon as possible.

What if I have cement, brick or marble walls?

If installing on anything other than drywall or wood, visit your local hardware store to choose appropriate anchors.

What if I lose magnets or need extras?

Extra magnets are available for sale. Click here to buy.

How strong are those Impressively Strong Magnets?

Depending on the composition of the artwork and how dense it is will determine how much the magnet can hold. The magnets are strong enough to hold up to a quarter of an inch of material, including crochet projects and canvas paper.

Do you have magnets safe for small children?

Yes! Our PowPow! Magnets have been specially designed for spaces where little ones might get their hands on things. They pass the choke-tube test standard, and work just as well as the Impressively Strong Magnets.

Do you offer design services?

YES! We offer design services for custom frame sizes and can design entire wallscapes. No project is too large or small. We have created custom designs for CNNs corporate office, childrens museums across the United States, as well as corporate offices, ad agencies and real estate offices. Please ask us how we can help you!

Where are you headquartered?

We are headquartered in the live music capital of the world… Austin, Texas. 11715 Bee Caves Suite 300 B Austin, TX 78738 877-609-1920

How do I get a hold of you?

Our Customer Service Hours are Monday through Friday from 9-5PM CST. Please contact us at 877-609-1920 or by email. For general inquiries, contact info@wexelart.com. For purchase orders, contact sales@wexelart.com, and for special orders, please contact morgan@wexelart.com.

How did the company get started?

Natasha McRee (an entrepreneurial mom of 2) and Morgan Kimble (a custom framer and muralist), had collaborated on several design projects. Natasha was struggling with the challenge of how to frame kids art in a sleek & meaningful way that was also super easy to change. Their elegantly simple solution was to float acrylic off the wall with the high-design polish of nice hardware, and pair this with strong magnets that hold anything from finger paintings to greeting cards to sports jerseys (without the damaging drawbacks of tape or tacks). 

Where else can I buy Wexel Art frames?

Use our store locator to find a location that sells Wexel Art frames near you.