Record Album Frame with 12x12" Acrylic Mat (for Sleeve or Vinyl)

This 15x15" double panel frame includes a special "mat" to showcases your carefully curated LP collection. 

Laser-cut mat holds your records in place within a 15x15" Double Panel frame. Choose Square to showcase the album cover (will accommodate LPs up to 3/16" thick - stack two for double LPs), or circle to showcase the picture vinyl. 

Archival record album displays that are easy to swap. Ready to spin that sultry vinyl? Unscrew the caps on your frame to release the record.

If you already have a Wexel 15x15" Double panel frame, select "Mat only". If you need the frame too, here's what you get:

Mat + Frame Option Includes:

  • Two 15x15" framing quality acrylic panels (3/16" and 1/8" thickness) with glossy diamond polished edges
  • One 1/8" Mat (various colors/styles)
  • 4 easy-install wall mounts with screws and anchors (0.6"w x 1.5" L) (Silver or Gold)
  • Easy hang template
  • Lifetime warranty

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