Sink or Swim by Maggie Macdonald Framed Print in a 16x20" Acrylic Shadowbox

by: Maggie Macdonald

Purchase this 16x20" stretched canvas Sink or Swim print, framed in a gorgeously stunning acrylic shadowbox made from 3/16” thick, framing grade, 5-sided clear acrylic shadowbox with museum quality seams.

Includes wire hanger on the back of the frame for easy hanging.

About the Artist:

Maggie Macdonald is a Painter, Printmaker, Ceramicist, Calligrapher, Muralist and surface designer based in Spartanburg, SC. She began painting at age four with her grandmother in the basement art studio of her California home, and hasn't stopped since.
Bold strokes and intense colors within her body of work enable her to create works that represent these elements. It is her desire that the work she creates would bring people a sense of calm, joy, happiness and for some even nostalgia. This marriage of her passions has allowed her to create works that represent who she is to the core.

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