Mondrian 123" Single Panel + Magnet Frame Collection - Choose Your Color

This product is made to order and takes 2 weeks to produce.

Ideal for business or homes, this 123" display of Wexel Art frames will allow you to create your very own modern art gallery. 

Designed for families wanting to show case kids art and family photos as well as offices  and corporate environments wanting to showcase their employee photos, signs, media exposure, PR hits and awards. Anything that needs updating is ideal for Wexel Art.

Each wall gallery consists of  a collection of various sized single panel frames where pairs of magnets hold the artwork behind a single sheet of floating acrylic and accent colors make a statement. A template makes installation easy.  

Single Panel + Magnet Frames -Change your art in seconds. Pairs of magnets hold the artwork in place. This means you can change out your art without taking anything apart or off the wall. Just slide the magnets to switch out your art.  


  • 14 Acrylic Wall Frames
    • 8 Clear Acrylic Wall Frames 
      • 2 each @: 10x12", 23x19", 18x15", 34x24"
    • 6 Color Accent Frames
      • 2 each @: 10x12", 23x5", 13x15"
    • Or choose 14 Clear frames. 
  • Choose your accent color or go with all clear frames. 1/8" Glossy or Frosted Accent Color Panels . Sample chips available.
  • Choice of Silver, Black, Gold or Bronze wall mounts. Includes screws and anchors 
  • Hanging Templates for 3" spacing as shown.
  • Lifetime warranty

Learn more about Magnet Safety, 12 Month Warranty and 30 day Free Return Policy here.

** Not sure which color to choose for your accent frames? Order sample color chips first, here.

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