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In March of 2022, we launched a series of prints by local Ukraine Artists to raise money to support Ukrainians and donated 100% of the proceeds. “It's too hard to sit and watch the news and do nothing,'' said Natasha McRee, Co-Founder, of Wexel Art. “Just writing a check didn't seem as impactful as shining a spotlight on these individual Ukrainian Artists and their work and how their lives have been turned upside down due to war.” We wanted to tell their stories as it humanizes war to see their face and hear their individual accounts. By sharing their art and stories, it can build awareness, and benefit civilians across Ukraine that are suffering.

"When my mom was 5 years old, she was living in Germany when World War 2 occurred. She always remembered the generosity of the US soldiers handing her a pair of shoes to wear during the war. Her vivid recount of this story inspired me to continue the tradition of building goodwill for the USA", continued McRee. Through different artist platforms, we reached out to several Ukrainian Artists who were able to send us their digital art files so we can print and frame them to raise money and awareness.

The artists asked that we donate to the “Ministry of Social Policy” which is a government-run fund that is directly helping civilians. We have donated over $2000 so far and have recently decided to extend the fundraiser through the end of the month of June.


Oksana Chetverikova

"This war has radically changed the life of every Ukrainian. I am not an exception. On the first day of the war, I could not believe that this was happening to our country. It was scary and difficult to concentrate", said Chetverikova.
"I saw enemy ships from the window of my apartment. Every day was worse for me than the last. The shelling of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, the bombing of Kharkiv and Kyiv, the shelling of my friends while leaving Zhytomyr, and the bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol. The tension we each carry is incredible" continued Chetverikova. 

"My day consists of air alarms, work, news, stress, worries about the lives of loved ones, and messages from friends from different parts of Ukraine and the world. Sometimes I cry, but now I have the strength to draw. It helps me be ok on those days when there is not any horror around, just sirens. Because on difficult days, I pray and meditate a lot. While there is faith in the light, darkness will never prevail".
Oksana likes to create fairy-tale worlds, fantasy characters, and ladies with strong personalities with superpowers. It's a hint to both children and adults that all the necessary strength is inside, which is an important reminder for all Ukrainians. "Now, during the war, I realize my art could benefit others by creating illustrations that inspire and give hope", said Chetverikova. 


Bohdan Svyrydov

"The fact that war is possible and it is happening now froze my mind and body as if the moon lasts endlessly. Not only words, but imagination disappeared from my mind. The desire to do anything at all disappeared, including making art," said Svyrydov. 

"I am very grateful that Wexel Art found me while I was in a state of shock and repurposed some of my digital art for charity. I realize this is how art can be impactful," continued Svyrydov.
Alena Vechnaya

"Thanks to my digital illustrations, I can work anywhere. I work because I know that I can't stop. I know that I can significantly help refugees and the Ukrainian army by giving part of the money I earn to charity," said Vechnaya.

"Thanks to Wexel Art, more people in America could learn about Ukrainian artists and raise money to help Ukrainians. Therefore, I am very grateful to them. The entire Ukrainian people appreciate the help of the Americans. You are in our hearts forever. We will win this war and win our right to freedom. Slava Ukraine!", continued Vechnaya.

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