Gifts We Love $75 and Under

December is upon us and the holidays are quickly approaching. Before shopping panic sets in we thought it might be helpful to recommend some things we love for those of you still looking for presents. Here are some gifts we found for under $75.

1. Luxe Frames

Luxe standing frames are absolutely gorgeous, come in multiple sizes, and are ON SALE on our website! Made of acrylic, but feature a pop of color. Pair with one of your favorite photos from the year, and your loved one will feel.... well...loved! 

2. Kimberly Z. Artwork


We simply adore artist Kimberly Zukley. She is constantly producing phenomenal prints and is currently running a Christmas sale! Best known for her Hides + Skins collection, artwork by Kimberly Z. is the perfect gift for anyone who loves nautical or nature based paintings. Her Christmas sale is running a handful of prints for only $65 and you always get free shipping on domestic orders on her website. Shop here.

 3. Jared Dunten


With Jared Dunten's art comes a truly incredible story. After a swimming accident, Dunten was paralyzed from the neck down. Two years later, he began painting with his mouth. You read that correctly, everything on his website was painted using a paint brush in his mouth. Not only does Jared have talent, but an incredible spirit; his home page reads, "I WILL PAINT," not letting his situation prevent him from doing what he loves. Inspire someone in your life with one of his paintings and share his story. This piece is called Younghorn and you can get it here for $73. 

4. Caitlin G. McCollom


Caitlin G. McCollum is a Texas based painter who's work is heavily influenced by nature and the spiritual world. Her acrylic paintings are often shaped like veils and water and are very relaxing to look at. The sizes of her one-of-a-kind paintings vastly ranges, but she sells super affordable and giftable prints for only $20! Shop on her website here.

5. Julie Pelaez Studios

Julie Peleaz uses alcohol inks that create a watercolor feel in her stunning paintings. Alcohol Inks is a relatively new medium in the art world, so giving one of her paintings as a holiday present would be super unique. Not to mention how insanely wonderful they are to look at. Pieces like Onward (pictured above) are available on her website for $75.

6. Bob Schneider Album

Since we are from the "Live Music Capital of the World," here is our qualified Austin music recommendation: Bob Schneider is an Austin based artist who we had the joy of working with this year. He is incredibly talented and there's something for everyone in his pop/rock/country/folk sound. Although CDs are sadly no longer very practical gifts, you can gift any of his albums on iTunes. All of his albums are $9.99 and under. 

7. Wexel Art Tabletop Frames

We'd be remised to not mention our Tabletop frames in our own gift guide. We are still so excited about these frames as they are our newest product. Available in two sizes for 5x7 photos as well as 8x10 photos, let Wexel Art help you gift a memory this holiday season with our Tabletop frames. Much smaller than our standard single and double panel frames, our Tabletops make ideal presents! But don't just take it from us, our Tabletop frames have been written about by several top design bloggers like The Decorologist, Brittany Makes, and In Detail Interiors. Get them here for $39.99 or $49.99


We hope this helps, happy shopping!

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