Flexibility in Home Décor- Hot 2019 Trend

Art displays that let you change your art in seconds. 

 The trend of flexibility within interiors is increasing in demand. More consumers are renting. The era of pop-up shops, flex spaces and changing trends encourages design to be more modular. Luna Magazine ranked “beautiful design along with increased functionality” as one of their top interior design trends for 2019. 


“The biggest trend is the overall need for flexibility within interiors,” said Allyson Rees, senior retail lifestyle editor at the World’s Global Style Network. This trend of easy change is the very concept Wexel Art was founded on in 2010. The beauty of the design lies in combining a single floating acrylic panel that works with pairs of strong magnets to hold your art in place, allowing you to seamlessly update your walls in seconds. 


This function was originally designed to give parents a way to display their kid’s art meaningfully, with the ability to switch it out as often as new creations are made. Rapidly, the usage of this magnet frame style expanded to architects and ad agencies using it for their concept boards, offices for their employee headshots, and board of directors for their donor recognition. 


Flexibility is key and now consumers can create a way to update their walls effortlessly and instantly with the collection of Single Panel frames by Wexel Art. With their clean, contemporary design, the art displays are designed to fit into any décor. 


“And the most ingenious invention award goes to Wexel Art for their Easy Change Float Frame, which lets you swap out art in an instant so you can enjoy a large rotating art collection no matter how small your home!” – Anne Sage (City Sage) 


Moms especially see the value in changing her display as quickly as she (or her kid) changes her mind. The Rectango floating frame lets you hang what’s important today and know that it can be changed tomorrow in the same amount of time it takes to change the wallpaper of your phone. 


The Rectango 14”x19” frame features a top quality panel of diamond polished, crystal-clear acrylic that is easily mounted to the wall with the included brushed silver hardware. It comes with 4 wall mounts and 8 “Impressively Strong Magnets”TM. The frame floats 1.5 inches off the wall. The beauty of the design is that you can change your display as often as you like without taking anything apart. 

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