School is Almost Here

Kids Art Transformation Float Frame Gallery Wall
With back-to-school season almost upon us, orders are coming in from parents and schools (thank you!) who are looking for easy ways to organize and display the imminent portfolios of kids art that start coming off the bus in August and September.

"When my kids see their art go up in the Wexel float frames they swell with pride."

Framing is expensive and often permanently encloses the art within the frame. This model didn’t work for the portfolios of mini–masterpieces that Natasha McRee’s two kids were bringing home from school. Morgan Doherty was working as an artist and framer at the time, and after months of combining their experience to brainstorm and tackle product development, Wexel Art Displays was born. Wexel wall frames were developed by Morgan and Natasha as an innovative, elegant way to displaying art in their own homes. The clear plexiglass frames are easy to install and create a hassle-free way to change out framed artwork and photos in seconds. Ideal for family photos, kids’ artwork, and memorabilia – these floating frames truly elevate and honor the creations of children and artists alike.

“As an artist, I believe that design aesthetic of our product really lets the art take center stage. It’s important to me that the art is always the hero. Our frames play an important supporting role, allowing kids art to have that professionally framed look in seconds ” - says Morgan Doherty, Wexel Co-Founder.
Each Wexel wall frame includes a template and can be installed with just a screwdriver. Once installed, the frames use strong magnets to hold art and photos behind the acrylic panel. Single-panel frames enable parents to display odd-shaped or 3D artwork that is textured or has uneven surfaces – collage, macaroni art, finger painting, glitter, etc. Changing the art behind the panel takes seconds. Simply slide the magnets off the art and display the newest masterpiece behind the clear acrylic panel. These minimalist magnets keep artwork and pictures secure without puncturing or adhering to the material.
Quick to admit that she is not handy with a screwdriver, Wexel Art Co-Founder Natasha McRee says, “We designed the line of frameless frames to be easy enough to install that even I could do it!”
Magnet Floating Frame with Fingerpaintings
Since their initial product launch, Wexel Art has expanded their product line to include double-paneled frames and newly-launched tabletop frames. Wexel has designed and installed custom gallery walls for art galleries, museums, corporate offices, schools, and private homes across the country.
Gina Merrill, a busy mom of 3 in Denver is delighted with her Wexel gallery wall: "When my kids see their art go up in the Wexel float frames they swell with pride. It inspires each of them to work a little bit more on that drawing that will be displayed in the living room. My three kids just keep amazing me with their colorful creative paintings – I can’t change them out quickly enough!”
Get your home ready to receive a new semester's worth of petite Picassos with Wexel wall frames. See for yourself how Wexel gallery walls enhance a home at

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