Crafting Your Own Wall Gallery - Part 1 - Deck The Walls

Join along in our four-part series discussing what to do with all that extra wall space you have just standing around. In it, we’ll go over everything from conjuring the inspiration to practical advice for installing a wall gallery in your home. But first, let’s answer the ever-looming question of why now...

Although there’s never really a bad time of year for an art project, you might feel a little more motivated when you know your hard work will immediately be noticed. With the holidays right around the corner, 'tis the season for opening up your home and putting your creativity on full display. Give yourself a new reason to get excited about hosting the same old annual open house.

“Wow, who designed this?” you can imagine friends and family saying. “Oh that, that’s just something I threw together one afternoon,” you can reply, grinning, sparing them the details about how it all came to be. But that’s why we’re here. We know these type of things don’t design and hang themselves. So let’s talk about everything that goes into a project like this...

The Brainstorming Phase

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This has to be one of the most thrilling parts—to us anyway—because brainstorming is the part of the process where anything's possible. Unleash your repressed inner decorator or free your artistic spirit animal or draw upon whatever fantastic combination of the two works best for you.

Try not to limit yourself by only looking at wall spaces commonly reserved for hanging art. Sure, over the mantle is fair game but so is everywhere else. That includes the powder room, the kitchen, even along the floor boards. Go nuts.

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One thing we recommend is going outside your home and pretending you’re walking in for the first time. Admittedly, this can be difficult, but come on, give it an honest-to-goodness shot. In each new room you enter, ask yourself, does it feel like something’s missing?

Another fun idea you can try is imagining you’re on Project Runway for interior design (which apparently does exist and is called ‘Top Design’). Okay, so you’re a contestant on Top Design and the host says, “Today’s challenge is Wall Space. Make the most of this home’s boring walls. You have one hour.”

The Planning Stage

So if I was a contestant on Top Design, what would I do … I’d start by thinking up creative ways to incorporate and accentuate existing features of the house. Look, I’d tell myself, this staircase isn’t going anywhere and the hallway isn’t getting any shorter, so what can I do to liven up the spaces we take for granted.

How does traffic flow? In what areas to people tend to congregate? Existing decor aside, where are my eyes naturally drawn? A lot of these things happen on a subconscious level each time we enter a space, but by bringing them to the surface you just might have the eureka moment you’ve been waiting for. This, now this is the perfect spot.

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Great, now that you know where you want your wall gallery to go, we need to figure out what exactly to hang...

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