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150 floating frames for whaaaa?

September 15, 2014

“Sports photography, action shots mostly, he wants to put up a bunch in his game room, have them go all around the walls. I was thinking I would go ahead and get the frames in place and then arrange the pictures in story form, chronologically or maybe by team. I’m not totally sure yet, but he can always move them around if he wants, right?”“Yes! Exactly.”That’s snippet from a recent conversation I had with the interior designer whose lucky job it is to design homes of professional athletes. As you can tell I get pretty excited when people surprise us with clever new uses for our frames. “Hey, why didn’t you think of that?” I like to tell our product... Continue Reading →

Wexel Art Pops up on KXAN

September 12, 2014

I have to admit, everyone here got a big kick out of seeing Heather from Heather Scott Home & Design demonstrating our frames on a local news segment about showcasing kids art around the home. Heather’s a really talented and respected interior decorator based here in Austin, and we couldn’t be more flattered that she chose to include our products in her piece. Even the host Amanda Tatum had some very nice things to say. “I love these. This might be my favorite,” Amanda said when they got to our frames. She loved how our frames come with a template so the whole process is basically “foolproof.” Then we see Heather actually swapping out an adorable piece of kids art—a little... Continue Reading →


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